Basic Skincare Tips for better skin

Basic Skincare Tips for Better Skin

Whether you wear makeup everyday or occasionally…proper skin care needs to be a top priority. I have noticed my skin has improved dramatically with my new skin care routine. Here are my basic skincare tips for better skin!

I typically get breakouts around my forehead and left cheek (not sure why my acne likes my right cheek ?). My skin also gets pretty dry in the same areas I experience breakouts.

Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

I know…after a night of partying, the first thing you want to do is pass out in bed but sleeping with makeup on definitely causes breakouts. While you sleep, your skin naturally repairs itself from the day while taking in oxygen and the last thing you want is for clogged pores to hurt that process.

To remove my makeup, I use Neutrogena Makeup Wipes to take off that first layer of makeup. I typically use one wipe for the left side of my face and one for the right. Next, I grab my Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser and Beauty 360 Cleansing Brush to thoroughly clean my face. Wet your face, squirt some cleaner on a wet brush and then wash your face. Rinse, dry and apply moisturizer (I use jojoba oil).

Exfoliate At least Once a Week

I love my Zeeta Body salt scrub that I picked up at a yoga festival! It smells great, has eucalyptus oil in it and makes my skin feel great.

You can make your own DIY sugar/salt scrub as well with items you already have in your house!

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Getting in Formation – Beyonce Concert Makeup & Outfit Review

We all know Beyonce slays….but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen her live in-person! A friend and I traveled to Los Angeles just to see the Beyonce Formation Concert and the show was amazing. She did a variety of songs including songs from Lemonade as well as throwback favorites like Diva.


Since I was seeing the Queen, I wanted to take my outfit and makeup to a whole different level….this was not just a regular beat….it was a Bey-Beat!



Yellow eyeshadow stacy Zeal


I decided to stay on the Bee-Hive theme with a yellow eye with a nude lip. For the yellow shadow, I used Makeup Forever Artist Shadow in the color Mimosa for my eyelid and finished the look with Colourpop’s Chi Liquid Matte lipstick.


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Smokey eye red lip Stacy Zeal

My New Favorite Red Lipstick – Karreuche x Colourpop

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Saigon Chi matte liquid lipstick colourpop

Those who follow me on Instagram, know that I LOVE a nude lip! My go-to nude lipstick is the KaePop Karrueche X ColourPop ‘Chi’ Matte Liquid Lipstick. It is my absolute favorite nude lipstick that I’ve tried so far.

So, when ColourPop Cosmetics released new lipsticks to Karrueche Collection, I just had to try it! Right away, the red Saigon Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick stood out. This gorgeous, poppin’ red is unapologetically fabulous.

This gorgeous, poppin' red lipstick is unapologetically fabulous. #makeup Click To TweetSmokey eye red lips closed eyes Stacy Zeal

I’ve already used Saigon in 2 different ways. The first, was in my Fall Smokey Eye & Cranberry Lips | Makeup Tutorial Collab w/ Samantha Jade Minor. I added Saigon on top of my brown Antique Velvet Matte lipstick by MAC Cosmetics to create a fall-ready cranberry lip. Saigon mixes well with other lip colors, allowing you to create your own unique color.

The second way was with this dramatic, black smokey eye look from Labor Day weekend. After creating the smokey eye, I realized Saigon would be the perfect choice to add a pop of color to the look. The KaePop Saigon red lipstick is very versatile. It is the perfect red to pair with any eye look and skin tone.

Karreuche x ColourPop Saigon Chi Lipstick Arm SwatchWhat I Loved:

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Fall 2016 Makeup Tutorial Smokey Eye & Cranberry Lips Stacy Zeal 2

Beautiful Fall 2016 Makeup Tutorial Video – Create this look!

Have you updated your look for Fall yet?

In this fall 2016 makeup tutorial video (collab with Samantha Jade Minor), I created a brown and gold smokey eye look. Then, I take two matte lipsticks, MAC Antique Velvet and Karrueche x ColourPop Saigon, to create a gorgeous cranberry lip. I also show my highlight and contouring routine, finished with a thick winged eyeliner.

Check out Samantha Jade Minor’s Video.

Fall 2016 Makeup Tutorial Smokey Eye & Cranberry Lips Stacy Zeal 2Products Used:


Essence Beauty Box vs. ONYX Beauty Box

Beauty Boxes are all the rage these days!


Because I couldn’t decide, I decided to try out the Essence Beauty Box, by Essence Magazine, and the ONYX Beauty Box.

Check out my video review & comparison of the Essence Beauty Box vs. ONYX Beauty Box! Each box contains various products specifically for women of color. Products include natural hair care items, makeup, home stuff, and more! This video reviews the May 2016 boxes from each brand.

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