Basic Skincare Tips for better skin

Basic Skincare Tips for Better Skin

Whether you wear makeup everyday or occasionally…proper skin care needs to be a top priority. I have noticed my skin has improved dramatically with my new skin care routine. Here are my basic skincare tips for better skin!

I typically get breakouts around my forehead and left cheek (not sure why my acne likes my right cheek ?). My skin also gets pretty dry in the same areas I experience breakouts.

Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

I know…after a night of partying, the first thing you want to do is pass out in bed but sleeping with makeup on definitely causes breakouts. While you sleep, your skin naturally repairs itself from the day while taking in oxygen and the last thing you want is for clogged pores to hurt that process.

To remove my makeup, I use Neutrogena Makeup Wipes to take off that first layer of makeup. I typically use one wipe for the left side of my face and one for the right. Next, I grab my Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser and Beauty 360 Cleansing Brush to thoroughly clean my face. Wet your face, squirt some cleaner on a wet brush and then wash your face. Rinse, dry and apply moisturizer (I use jojoba oil).

Exfoliate At least Once a Week

I love my Zeeta Body salt scrub that I picked up at a yoga festival! It smells great, has eucalyptus oil in it and makes my skin feel great.

You can make your own DIY sugar/salt scrub as well with items you already have in your house!

Check out this DIY Scrub by SunKiss Alba


Apply a Face Mask Once A Week

I tend to do a face mask every week & a 1/2 (or whenever I remember to do it ?). Applying a face mask is just so spa-like. It immediately relaxes me and makes me feel like I’m saying thank you to my skin. I recently started using GlamGlow that I picked up from Sephora.

You can also get a great face mask from Lush…Watch my video review on Lush’s “Don’t Look At Me” face mask:

Always Moisturize


I hate the feeling of dry skin! I moisturize before applying makeup and whenever I wash my face….pretty much all the time. Find a moisturizer that works for your skin type.

If you want to go the natural route, I recommend Jojoba Oil or Coconut Oil. Any natural oil will work, but I switched from Coconut Oil to Jojoba Oil because jojoba oil is closest to the oil your skin naturally produces (Thanks Jess!) and feels a lot lighter than coconut oil. I felt coconut oil clogged my pores.

What skin care tips do you have? What works for you?