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My New Favorite Red Lipstick – Karreuche x Colourpop

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Saigon Chi matte liquid lipstick colourpop

Those who follow me on Instagram, know that I LOVE a nude lip! My go-to nude lipstick is the KaePop Karrueche X ColourPop ‘Chi’ Matte Liquid Lipstick. It is my absolute favorite nude lipstick that I’ve tried so far.

So, when ColourPop Cosmetics released new lipsticks to Karrueche Collection, I just had to try it! Right away, the red Saigon Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick stood out. This gorgeous, poppin’ red is unapologetically fabulous.

This gorgeous, poppin' red lipstick is unapologetically fabulous. #makeup Click To TweetSmokey eye red lips closed eyes Stacy Zeal

I’ve already used Saigon in 2 different ways. The first, was in my Fall Smokey Eye & Cranberry Lips | Makeup Tutorial Collab w/ Samantha Jade Minor. I added Saigon on top of my brown Antique Velvet Matte lipstick by MAC Cosmetics to create a fall-ready cranberry lip. Saigon mixes well with other lip colors, allowing you to create your own unique color.

The second way was with this dramatic, black smokey eye look from Labor Day weekend. After creating the smokey eye, I realized Saigon would be the perfect choice to add a pop of color to the look. The KaePop Saigon red lipstick is very versatile. It is the perfect red to pair with any eye look and skin tone.

Karreuche x ColourPop Saigon Chi Lipstick Arm SwatchWhat I Loved:

  • It isn’t runny: The application is very precise. I’ve come across a few runny liquid lipsticks and this was just perfect.
  • It is very pigmented: One application and you’re good to go!
  • It’s dries quickly: No need to sit around waiting for it to dry, it’ll dry quickly. It also doesn’t flake, like some quick drying lipsticks.
  • It has staying power: This color will stay on your lips all night. I don’t think I touched up my lipstick once, even after eating. (Also, took me forever to get the swatches off of my arm! Lol)

What I disliked:

  • That I didn’t buy 2 because I know I’ll be using this a lot!

I highly recommend checking out Saigon and Chi from the Kaepop Karreuche by ColourPop collection. I am very pleased with the Karreuche collection overall; including the range of colors and products. If you want a poppin’ red that goes with any skintone, def check out Saigon.

Even better: both of these colors are only $6!! Check this out: Click To Tweet

Well done, Karreuche and ColourPop Cosmetics!

Smokey eye red lip Stacy Zeal



  • Kemi Odesola

    That is a great red! I love red lipsticks sometime its hard to find just the right shade of red. I think you hit the jackpot, looks great on you!

    • Yea red is one of those colors where you find the perfect shade and hold onto it forever lol. Thanks for reading!

  • Tal

    Love a red lip! It looks great on you. Finding the right shade is hard, but when you do find it, your right, you need to stock up! Tal xo

    • Yes for sure!! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • Brianne George

    This is a great color on you! I need to try ColourPop!!

    Xo, Brianne

    • Thank you! Yes, Colourpop is for sure my go-to for lip colors

  • Colourpop is very popular nowadays because it has very pigmented colors and good quality. I plan to try one one of these days.

    • Yes, you should! Very affordable with amazing quality! Thanks for reading!